Joining TRealm

If you would like to join or you have been redirected here for more information, go to Player Support 

TRealm Resource Pack:

I design edits to the realm. This includes textures, names of items, death messages, and more. 

You can download them here ->


What is TRealm?

TRealm mostly refers to the Minecraft realm, although it can refer to the TRealm Universe or Tony's Realm, TRU for short. The Minecraft realm is more formally called TRealmMC. TRU is my imagined world with story and contains the tony lore. TRU is used for a game and story concept.

TRealm MC is the Minecraft realm ran by Kad 'Chickn' for the Tony group. I moderate and update the realm. Members are strictly known by Kad.

While TRealm is usually an SMP, TRealm MC Season 6 has brought teamwork much more in mind. Capitalism has been abolished and members build to a plan. The plan is to build cities/districts differing in style to create a world with many taste. 

The Tony group was organized in 2018. It never had an official date of creation, as it gradually became a thing. 

Tony has revolved around lore we have made, gradually evolving into the complete TRealm Lore.  The lore is brought up in many aspects of TRealm MC, and is used as a guide.

TRealm -Group/6-

Trealm 6 Doc

TRealm -6- Google doc for info, planning and map.

Chickn's TRealm Updates